About Us
No one should have to suffer illness because they cannot afford medication. Unfortunately, it happens every day across the country. Now there is hope for patients with Hope Dispensary of Greater Bridgeport.

We are a program to help those people who qualify get the medications they need. The program provides short-term assistance to people who are uninsured or are underserved and have limited income. Medications are dispensed at no charge to the patient. There is an enrollment process and all qualifications must be met to be enrolled in the program.   

The Hope Dispensary of Greater Bridgeport is one of many dispensaries in a national program that provides sustainable access to medicine for underinsured communities. To read more about the national program, visit the Dispensary of Hope website at dispensaryofhope.org. 

Our goal is to treat the major chronic diseases which fall under the categories of cardiac, pulmonary, diabetes and mental health. Our formulary consists of many different drugs, but we do not stock any controlled drugs or birth control.